Thursday, September 16, 2010

Suggested Reading "Medea" by Euripides

"Medea" by Euripides. This is a Greek tragedy that tells of how Medea gets her revenge on her husband Jason's betrayal. After helping Jason find the Golden Fleece and betraying her father, she fell in love with him and they married. This play tells of their life together after the Golden Fleece.     
Here is an excerpt from the introduction,

"The Medea, in spite of its background of wonder and enchantment, it not a romantic play but a tragedy of character and situation. It deals, so to speak, not with the romance itself, but the end of the romance, a thing which is so terribly often the reverse of romantic. For all but the very highest of romances are apt to have just one flaw somewhere, and in the story of Jason and Medea the flaw was of a fatal kind."

Read the play and then tell me what you think!